Wait.. It Works??? [Week 5]

Yep. You read that title right. Things are starting to come together here at Woodrow. After testing the lift and attaching the intake, our robot is actually starting to look like, well, a robot. The mechanical team has been working tirelessly to bring this vital system to life, and it sure has shown. We have already begun to get the two components to work together as we temporarily wired them up to see if they even worked in the first place (spoiler alert: they work wonderfully).

Meanwhile, the computer engineering team is making great headway with our robot's code. This year, we're also trying a new way to control our robot. In the past, we've been using standard Xbox controllers for both the driver and the operator (the operator focuses on the robot systems, no driving required). This year, however, we are experimenting with a different kind of controller. Courtesy of our mentor and yours truly, the media team, we have created a custom systems board (featured above). Obviously, it's still in development, but it works and shows lots of promise!

We also finally busted out the FRC field today, primarily to test the different heights our lift will be taking our intake. We've had these really, really heavy field components lying around since the later half of Week 1, just collecting dust in the hallway. So today was a great day to finally break in (without breaking) the field. So far, so good!