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Prototypes Everywhere [Week 1]

As the first week of build season (our six week sprint to finish a robot in time) comes to a close, we've made pretty good progress. So much progress that we're actually holding to our FRC Schedule. What a concept. Jokes aside, we are really excited going into the second week. We have two of our three drive bases working, which gives our coders time to do their thing and work on driver-controlled code,.

Meanwhile, in mechanical-land, the guys have been working hard to get a prototype for our intake (a portion of the robot that grabs game items) and have come out of the first week with a proud intake to suck in the "cargo" pieces (the orange ball above) in order to get it into the space ship on the field and score us some points.

And, today, the twelfth of January, we got our field in (the actual field design is shown to the right)! One of our parents have been slaving away since day one to get us our field made for us by the end of the first week. We unpacked our goodies today, and boy were those pieces heavy. Football player's have nothing against our heavy lifting skills. We now have a seven foot rocket ship, a portal into the game field (an entry point for game pieces, feed by a human player), and a really heavy cargo ship (it's really more of a rover) residing within the halls of Woodrow Wilson High School. (If you want to check out the game and its contents, see the release video here:

Our outreach team is working hard on getting our STEMConnect camps out there, where we teach thirty plus kids in elementary and middle school skills in STEM, mostly relating to robotics. Keep an eye out for a camp near you!

That's all for today. We'll see you next week here on our website blog!


The 5242 Media team will keep you up to date on progress here, on our website, with weekly updates.

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