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It Begins... [Week 0]

Robocats at Texas Instruments

This past Saturday was, as many of you know, FRC Kickoff. A small group of us attended the kickoff up at Texas Instruments, while the remaining Robocats stayed back at HQ (Woodrow Wilson High School) to start work on brainstorming immediately. This year's game, called Destination: Deep Space, is a very unique game in many ways. From the lack of an autonomous period to the "Sandstorms", this year's game is a fresh breath of innovation as FIRST breaks away from a multitude of conventional concepts that have been used in previous games.

The FRC 2019 Field

Our FRC team has already begun to work on plans for the robot, primarily what our drivebase--the fundamental base which the rest of the robot is built on--will be. Prototypes are soon to follow, which we will reveal with more detail later in the week as designs begin to form.

Several Alumni

We were also visited by several of our Robocat alumni, who joined us at HQ Saturday morning to watch the kickoff. It was great to have them back with us for the day as they gave input and their insight towards a successful game plan that we will use to develop our robot.

As always, we look forward to seeing the robots that other teams will be creating, and we wish all teams the best of luck!


The 5242 Media team will keep you up to date on progress here, on our website, with weekly updates.

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