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All good things come to an end — said no Robocat ever! This year has been one of the greatest yet in the short lifespan of the Robocats and we are proud to continue that for many years to come.

At the beginning of the year we had a great start with our #FirstEver All-Girls FTC Team (13227: The Mechanicats) which won several awards including the Think and Connect Awards at the Townview and Hedrick Qualifers and then going on to win the North Texas Regional Motivate Award. Not to mention our other FTC teams, two of which advanced to Regionals, winning a total of 7 awards during the entire season.

Then came the FRC Season. While we didn't do our best at the Dallas FRC Regional, we placed 9th at the El Paso FRC Regional and made it to the quarterfinals. While we didn't automatically advance, a few weeks later we were invited to the World Championship in Houston! Although, we didn't win, we both an incredible amount of education and experience while we were there.

But we're not stopping there! Throughout the summer we hope to host STEMconnect workshops, started by FRC Team 2468 (Who do we appreciate?) and expand our community outreach via deaf education and Women in STEM.

To end this post, we would like to celebrate all of our students. The following awards go to:

Steve Clynes "Excellence in Robotics Leadership" Award

Kyle Davis, William Hammond, Archer Hasbany, Michael Kavas, and Henry Lloyd

Woodrow Wilson HS Robotics Scholarship

William Hammond, Joshua Reveles, and Ethan Rose

Rookies of the Year

Harry May, Skylar Linker

Other Awards:

Sherrina Hoffnagle, Excellence in Graphic Design

Josef Hopfer, Autonomous Brillance Award

Henry Lloyd, "Four More Years" Award

Canyon Kidd, Dean Kamen

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