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One of our most present sponsors, DELL, gave us the privilege of being the first high school to attend one of the seventy global DELL EMC conference tours. To be apart of such a well known, wisdom filled event was such an honor for our team to participate in. After the first group conference we had each individual FTC team rotate in our booth to socialize, make connections, and present to the technical community of the world what FIRST Tech Challenge strives to effectuate and what we have successfully accomplished over the past two years. This was one of the most important and influential experiences that our team has participated in. One of the major highlights for everyone on the Robocats was having a personal Q&A with Michael Dell himself! Being able to discuss matters starting with “how does it feel…” to “what inspired you to build the empire you have now?” has really brought a whole new insight within our team and set a focus on what is truly important and the real meaning behind what we are accomplishing; we are not only building a competitive robot but leaders and relationships in a competitive world.

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