As part of the global FIRST community, the Woodrow Wilson High School Robocats are proud to take part and share with others the power of Gracious Professionalism™ in their communities. To the Robocats, Gracious Professionalism means using the power of science and technology combined with diplomacy and courtesy to create change in the world around them. Their Gracious Professionalism can be seen on and off the field with their many outreach projects. 



WaterFIRST is a coalition pioneered by the Robocats to revolutionize humanitarian clean water using the global FIRST network. We have partnered with outstanding and innovative companies that we believe have created the most effective, sustainable, and cost efficient way to bring the purest water to the most people. 


Woodrow Wilson High School in the only high school in the Dallas Independent School District that provides provisions and accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing students. Deaf Ed members are a huge part of our community and we welcome them with open arms. So far, there are only two other FRC teams that we know of (3223 and 5682) that cater to the needs of the deaf.  


During the 2017-2018 FTC Robotics season, Woodrow introduced its first All-Girls FTC Team: 13227, The Mechanicats. This was just beginning of a master plan to jump start advanced education and involvement of young girls in the East Dallas community to partake in STEM and STEM related activities.   


Pioneered by FRC Team 2468 (Who Do We Appreciate?) down in Austin, Texas, the Robocats have joined the movement too! STEMConnect is a series of summer camps in which children of IT companies such as Hilti and Texas Instruments participate in small scale robotics-esque events. Headlined by the Robocats, middle school aged children build and compete using VEX Robotics Kits and elementary aged children use LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits. 


These projects were either our own ideas or ideas given to us by our friends and mentors. All of these projects are fun ways to challenge yourself in areas such as design, engineering, and creativity. Bored and need something to do? Procrastinating and need to distract yourself? Or maybe you're a go-getter that wants to try something new. Whoever you are, these projects are for anyone and everyone. We hope you have as much fun building them as we did! Once you're finished, share them with us on social media!



Unlock all your favorite childhood games through the Raspberry Pi Arcade! From Galaga to Pac-Man, the mini arcade has over 50 games. During FRC competitions, the Robocats allow other teams to experience the arcade on a TV screen. It has been very popular in the pit and just so happens to match the PowerUp game theme ;)!



The Big Box of Bright, fondly known as the "BBoB", is a light up box that features your favorite classic video game characters. It is on display at our pit right next to our aforementioned Pi Arcade, so come join us and discuss your favorite video game characters! And hey, maybe make your own while you're at it!


Calling all physics fanatics! Based off of engineer Destin Sandlin's design, this bicycle's purpose is to dig deep into the human subconscious by way of reprogramming the brain's autonomous decision making. Psychology and physics? What?! Share with us your mind-bending bike rides on social media!


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