Robotics Competition 12.16.17-86-X3

The 2017-2018 FTC season was the Retrobots’ rookie season and it was full of surprises. They went through the season with 7 members that grew along the way. During their season they competed in both the Townview and Hendricks Qualifier and became a finalist captain. Even though they didn’t advance to the regional competitions they were content with how well they performed. Their robot, Harrybot, had a simplistic design, their lift carried a grabbing mechanism that lifted glyphs into the cryptobox. Their robot only focused on high performance autonomous, averaging 60 points each time and they only scored glyphs, completely ignoring the relic.

Heading 6

1 0 0   S.   G L A S G O W 

D A L L A S,  T X  7 5 2 1 4

( 9 7 2 )   5 0 2 - 4 4 0 0