What we are doing about it and how you can help!

Here at the RoboCats, we are working on aiming all of the resources we can muster to help fight against COVID-19. We're putting together an armada of 3D printers, each with a dedicated Robocat, to 3D print medical face shields to donate to local medical professionals fighting COVID-19 and who are running short on supplies. Please leave a donation to help us purchase new printers to expand our capabilities, as well as help us purchase components for the shield.

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Want to join in the fight to help?

Please, send us a donation (made in increments of $5). This will help us so that we can purchase new 3D printers and materials like plastic filament for our printers, acetate for the actual shield, and more to aid our local medical professionals! The shields we are printing is this model supplied by Columbia University.

Have a printer yourself?

Fill out this interest form so we know you're interested in helping us with our efforts!

Need Shields?

Fill out this interest form so we know you're interested in getting shields!

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